These are some of the services we provide.


Next-Gen Services.

We do exactly what you need in order to reduce your expenses and business costs, mitigate your tax liability, and protect your assets, including your most valuable ones: you and your family!

We don't offer cookie-cutter solutions but rather custom, needs-based strategies based on your specific needs.

          Workplace Benefits

Studies show that an employee who feels respected, appreciated, and well complensated will be more loyal and productive.

We have seen this firsthand.

Offering benefits that demostrate your commitment to your workers results in better retention, reduced absenteeism, and improved recruitment.

Supplementary Health Plans  

These plans offer cash payment for covered medical costs due to ilnesses or injuries as well as disability compensation. Our plans are custom-designed according to the employer's and their workforce's needs.

supplementary health plans help employees cover medical costs due to accidents or diseases

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Protection Plans with Tax-Free Retirement Income

Almost all enterprise level retirement plans are subject to taxation at the distribution phase, something some retirement planners fail to mention.

High income employees can also incur in Medicare premium surcharges and suffer reduced Social Security benefits thanks to recent changes in the law.

We have exclusive strategies designed to handle both these issues!


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          Retirement Planning

Tax-deferred plans have a built in tax liability that is often overlooked by retirement professionals and their clients.

The first problem is we can't predict the tax rate at the time of retirement.

The second is recent changes in Medicare law which taxes individuals according to how much they make just prior to AND after retiring.

Finally, the longer you live, the greater the chances of you have of outliving your retirement savings.

And that's if you are completely healthy, never suffer a disease or have an accident!

At ERA Business Solutions we are uniquely qualified to audit your current retirement instruments and help you evolve into next-gen, tax-free income streams for your retirement.

it is important to invest in your retirement right now

          Finance Your Retirement

This is not a typo!

Yes, you can finance you retirement!

The wisest financial decision you can make is to use other people's money to finance your retirement plans.

We can can help design a strategy for you to achieve your retirement goals (tax-free)!

we can show you how to finance your retirement plans

Business Development.

Sometimes commercial banks are not the best option for financing your business.

We have you covered!

Sometimes your credit history won't allow you to grow your business by obtaining finance.

We can help you there as well!

Many business owners believe that selling their business will be their retirement solution. However, if you have not made a comprehensive business valuation, your business might not be as valuable as you think! Or, it may be worth MORE!

We do that as also!

          Specialized Strategies

• Non-traditional financing

• Business lines of credit

• Business credit repair

• Virtual CFO

• Business valuation

• Business succession plan

• Buy/sell agreements

• Protection plan audits

• Investments and alliances

• Expense to asset converision

• Professional liability insurance

• Business property and casualty

• Legal-services protection plans

we offer next-gen business growth strategies
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