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Easy Retirement Planning.

More than 30% of Americans have CERO money for retirement! Women least of all (because they've spent it all taking care of their loved ones).

We are experts in helping you plan for retirement but YOU need to take action to prepare for your future RIGHT NOW!


We are living longer than ever... Good, right?

Yes, it's great! BUT, that means that most of us will outlive our money! And that's not even taking into account our healthcare costs which, as you may imagine, will get increasingly expensive as we grow older and as those costs continue to rise.

I have a retirement plan, a pension, Social Security, you name it -  my financial advisor says I'm all set!

Your financial advisor, CPA, or trusted consultant probably did what they do best - set you up with one or more products or programs designed to accumulate as much money as possible for your retirement, and that's great!

You might be working in a company or institution that has some form of pension or retirement program as well; wonderful!

What you might have missed is the fact that most if not all of those programs, as good as they are, will have to pay taxes when you begin to collect on them!

And all this is IF you have some retirement plan! One out of three Americans doesn't have any!


(Your financial advisor probably doesn't know about this threat either!)

Here are some of the pitfalls of many of the most common retirement plans:

Tax-deferred plans have a built-in tax liability that is often overlooked by retirement professionals and their clients.

The first problem is we can't predict the tax rate at the time of retirement.

The second is recent changes in Medicare law which taxes individuals according to how much they make just before AND after retiring.

And to multiply the risk even further think what may happen, God forbid, if you should suffer a disease or have an accident!

The purpose of good retirement planning is guaranteeing the best quality of life you can while also offering your family peace of mind!

We often forget about the unnecessary financial and emotional burden we place on our families when we don't take the necessary steps to secure our well being when we retire.

There is no need for you or your family to worry about your future if you take the right course of action  NOW!

At ERA Business Solutions we are uniquely qualified to review your current retirement plans and help you convert them into tax-free income streams for your retirement.


          Finance Your Retirement

This is not a typo!

Yes, you can finance your retirement!

The wisest financial decision you can make is to use other people's money to finance your retirement plans.

Let us help you design a strategy for achieving your retirement goals!

ERA Business Solutions can show you how to finance your retirement plans
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TAX-FREE Retirement Income Strategies

ERA Business Solutions can help you plan for a better retirement with tax-free retirement income strategies
ERA Business Solutions can help protect your future with tax-free retirement income strategies
ERA Business Solutions can help you to plan for a more prosperous retirement
ERA Business Solutions can help you prepare for a safer retirement with tax-free retirement income strategies
ERA Business Solutions helps you make retirement plans that fit your current and future needs

Retirement Plans for Employee Benefits

Your most valued employees deserve the best benefits available!

Their families will appreciate your company investing in their future and well being.

Let us design a retirement package that values their hard work, secures tax-free retirement income and, yes, even saves your corporate taxes!

ERA Business Solutions can design retirement plans as part of your employee benefit packages
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