Strategies for Faith-Based

Organizations and Non-Profits.


Serving Communities.

ERA Business Solutions has been providing support to non-profit companies and faith-based organizations for years, including direct, voluntary work and services.

In these trying times when our neighborhood, and the entire world is in dire need to prosper, heal, and feel secure, we have to apply the same cutting-edge growth and protection strategies to  commmunity based organizations in order to for them to achieve their mission.

We are here to help.

Supporting community leaders  

We can help design programs to help your organization support your leaders with:

• Recognition / Rewards Programs

• Financial Health Orientations

• Health, Life, and Retirement Plans

• Media and Communications Coaching

Serving Your Community  

A healthy community generates more giving and more participation in your organization and its programs.

It is important for the community to understand your organization's commitment to their well being.

We can help you by offering you quality workshops, orientations, and engaging activities to bring awareness about economic, mental, and physical health.

Protecting you and your place of work

We want to make sure you and your temple, church, synagogue, mosque, or community center are well protected for any eventuality.

Our protection audits review all of the insurance plans you have in place to make sure you are adequately protected, and not paying too much for what you have.

Best of all, this service is completely free for you!

         Think Like a Business

Non-profits and faith-based organizations have to be legally registered as corporations.

So why not function as one?

The fact that your mission/vision is altruistic doesn't mean you shouldn't apply the same financial principles as any other business.

On the contrary!

Using next-gen strategies and tax incentives specifically designed for non-profits will allow you to reduce costs, and protect your hard-earned assests so you can grow and continue to serve your community more effectively.

At ERA Business Solutions we are uniquely qualified to examine your finances,  and protection plans in order to help you serve those who need you the most.

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A faith-based organization has to think like a business

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