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We understand the importance of cultivating and nurturing healthy relationships.

We are on a journey of constant learning to help others secure comfortable, enjoyable, lives...

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The ERA Business Solutions


The ERA Business Solutions DIAMOND represents our core values: Passion, commitment, intergrity, creativity, experience, and service

ERA Business Solutions, Inc. uses the image of a diamond to represent our core values:







We are passionate about serving others. We bring creativity to our solutions while being anchored in years of experience.

Our commitment to our clients is absolute, grounded in the utmost integrity and ethical beliefs, not because we are bound by laws and regulations, but because it comes from our hearts.

Ernesto Morales-Ramos MAED

Creative Development Specialist

Licensed Health/Life Agent

More than 30 years of experience in the area of corporate communications and advertising with a Master's degree in Adult Education and Distance Training, Ernesto is licensed in health, life, and disability insurance in the state of Florida and California.

This is Your Dream Team:

ERA Business Solutions executive Ernesto Morales-Ramos

Iris Duprey

Employee Benefits Specialist

Licensed Health/Life/P&C Agent

More than 21 years experience in the insurance industry, specializing in personal and commercial lines, health, life, disability, annuities, property, and casualty, licensed to practice in Florida, California, and Puerto Rico.

ERA Business Solutions executive Iris Duprey

Daniel Barrocas

Corporate Communications Specialist

Film director, cinematographer, and visual artist for more than 30 years specializing in commercial production, TV commercials, music videos, corporate communications, and documentaries; he brings his high-quality style and experience to all of ERA's educational video productions.

ERA Business Solutions executive Daniel Barrocas

Jorge E Gonzalez CMFC, CRPC®

Retirement Planning Specialist

Licensed Health/Life/P&C Agent

With over 30 years of experience in the business consulting and financial services industries, Jorge formerly held executive positions in seven Fortune 500 companies and is now our principal advisor and consultant regarding innovative strategies.

ERA Business Solutions executive Jorge Gonzalez

Emmanuel Gonzalez

Education Specialist

Licensed Health/Life Agent

With a background in education and licensed to provide insurance products in the state of Florida, Emmanuel brings valuable insights into the important millennial and next-gen markets.

ERA Business Solutions team member Emmanuel Gonzalez

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Harold J. Batista Sr. BHSA, CCFC

Asset Protection Specialist

Licensed Health/Life Agent

More than 30 years of experience in the Health Care and Insurance industries, helping individuals, corporations, partnerships, and associations protect their assets and provide benefits while reducing their expenses.

ERA Business Solutions team member Harold Batista

Melva Lopez-Perez

Retirement Planning Specialist

Licensed Health/Life and Annuities Agent

Over 25 years of experience in the insurance and financial planning industries, helping clients reach their retirement, disability, protection, and estate planning goals in a highly personalized manner.

ERA Business Solutions team member Melva Lopez-Perez